Our production consists of:
  • Sand casting:
    HWS - Seiatsu moulding machine, box dimensions 575x810x500.
    Pressure shaker machines of box dimensions 280x360 up to 1050x800.
    Manual moulding shop to fabricate prototypes, small series and large cast parts.

  • Core building shop:
    Various machines from 6.5 ltr to 40 ltr coldbox.

  • Permanent mould casting:
    Various machines up to a clamp size of max.1200 x 800, castings from a few grams up to 75 kg.

  • Material laboratory:
    Thermal analysis (cooling curve), vacuum analyse (gas density), spectroanalysis (chemical composition), tensile testing and x-ray examination.

  • Heat treatments:
    Hardening installation for various forms of heat treatment, such as solutionized hot tempering and ageing and zero tension tempering.

  • Finishing:
    We carry out various forms of surface treatment, such as deburring, blasting, barrelling, polishing and other grinding work.

  • Preservative treatments:
    Such as wet lacquering, powder coating and anodising.

  • Machining:
    We have our own CNC machine shop where we are in a position to carry out 4-axis numeric machining.

  • Toolmaking shop:
    Here we produce the patterns, dies, milling jigs, alignment jigs and other production resources.

  • Assembly:
    The end-products can be put together / assembled here.

  • Final control / shipping.

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