The key market segments / customer groups are:
  • System and mechanical engineering;
  • Automotive industry;
  • Distribution and sorting systems;
  • Baggage handling systems;
  • Medical industry;
  • Transport industry;
  • Wheelchair and invalid scooter industry;
  • Lighting industry;
  • Furniture industry;
  • Food industry.
Products and services
MGP Venlo has the capability to deliver the following products and services:
  • Advising the customer in the casting and mould technology area;
  • Production of casting dies and patterns;
  • Production of high-quality, core-intensive sand and permanent mould castings;
  • Making material analyses and x-ray images;
  • Various forms of heat treatment, such as solutionized hot tempering and ageing;
  • Numeric and conventional machining;
  • Machining such as barrelling, blasting, grinding and polishing, as well as painting;
  • Bench work, assembly and installation work;
  • Transport.
Scope of quality system
The design and production of high-quality, core-intensive, non-ferrous castings, production of patterns and moulds, as well as machining and assembly of cast products or semi-finished products, surface treatments and preserving.

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