MGP Venlo, formely Metaalgieterij F. Peters & Zn bv
Our company specializes in high-quality, core-intensive casting. Even during the initial phase of a project, we are already in close contact with the customer to offer advice in the casting and mould technology area. Besides casting, this is also the right place to come for production of patterns and casting dies, as well as machining and assembly of the cast product. This means we can offer a complete end-product.

The foundry was established in 1951 by Mr F. Peters. In the early years, the company produced permanent mould castings in aluminium and brass. The production package consisted mainly of building fittings, such as door handles, hand rails etc. As the customer base grew, so did the demand for small and very large series, which ultimately led to the company starting sand and high-pressure die-casting besides permanent mould casting.

Due to a lack of space the company moved in 1976 to the industrial estate in Lomm, where various expansions have taken place over the course of the years. During the eighties, the company specialized ever more in sand and permanent mould casting. Because of that specialization the company finally stopped die-casting.

During the nineties, the company decided to distance itself from casting in copper alloys in order to focus completely on high-quality aluminium casting.

At the moment, the workforce consists of approx. 40 people. The business is managed by Mr Twan Vijgenboom as general manager and Mr Roy Peters as technical manager.

MGP Venlo is a specialized company producing aluminium castings as a supplier.

It is registered with the Chamber of Commerce in Venlo under number 12032313.

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