The company
MGP Venlo produces aluminium cast parts for very divergent industries. We also provide fabrication of the patterns and dies needed. Machining, such as barrelling, blasting, polishing, hardening and numeric and conventional machining, is also in good hands here. We provide surface treatments like powder coating, wet lacquering and anodizing. We can also handle assembly of the cast components.

In our modern foundry we can produce in any batch size needed. Precise production support, state-of-the-art control methods, such as x-ray, spectroanalysis, thermal analysis and 3D measurement, as well as solid craftsmanship, are your guarantee that products cast and machined by us will meet the highest quality requirements.

As a supplier of high-quality aluminium castings, our foundry enjoys a solid and international reputation, something we are proud of. Our regular customers include the medical industry, the automotive industry, the furniture sector, wheelchair and invalid scooter industry, system and mechanical engineering, the transport industry and the food industry.

In realising an optimum cast product, we are happy to advise you with the required know-how. That applies from the development up to the final product and relates to the finishing, the right production method, the choice of materials and the machining.

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